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Green Belt strengthened in planning reform says Greg Clark

Planning Minister Greg Clark defended government plans to streamline the planning process in England, saying it would strengthen rules on building in the Green Belt, and give planning powers to local people

BBC Politics Show Green Belt strengthened in planning reform says Greg Clark

What would Britain look like without a green belt?

Plans to speed up England's planning process put the green belt at risk, campaigners warn. But what would the country look like without such a system?

BBC News Magazine What would Britain look like without a green belt?

Ebbsfleet ?

Why do GBC refer to Ebbsfleet in the FAQ's and presentations giving the impression that it contributes to the shortfall in viable sites, it is actally in the Dartford Borough. Strangely enough Dartford Borough Council have included 5250 of the 10000 homes to be built at Ebbfleet in there Core Strategy upto 2026 so its not a "dead duck". I do hope GBC consider the 5250 on the borough boundary when they set any targets for Gravesham.

Dartfords Adopted Core Strategy

Quote From MP Adam Holloways Letter

"Many thanks for your email about the Council's ridiculous plan to build on Green Belt land whilst there is still a very large amount of brown field sites available. I have arranged to see the planning Minister, Dr Greg Clark, on the 12th of December. I will be joined by Lee Croxton, the deputy leader of the council whose plan this is. I am hoping that the Minister will confirm that such building will not be possible under the new policy planning framework, and that Gravesham council will need to amend its plan accordingly and build on Brown Field. I will of course let you know the out come of the meeting".

Public Consultation Finishes

Unfortunately the official public consultation ended on the 22nd December 2011.  It started on the 27th October 2011 and was originally due to end of the 8th December 2011, this was extended to the 22nd during the consultation period.