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This website has been setup to help resist plans by Gravesham Borough Council who are considering opening up the green belt for development.

Gravesham Borough Council are obligated to produce a LDF (local development framework) which estimates how many residential homes will need to be built in the borough over the next 15 years and when/where they will be built.

Gravesham Borough Council’s first attempt was to suggest a figure of 5200 homes over 20 years - a percentage of which the council stated would need to be built on the green belt. This proposal went out to public consultation on the 27th October 2011 and ended 22nd December 2011. Even though the consultation was very short (originally only 6 weeks) it was unanimously rejected by the residents.

There were early indications that the council had listened to the residents and would avoid building on the green belt. Unfortunately it now seems this is not the case and the council are inserting words such as “in exceptional circumstances” in their LDF giving them the flexibility to consider development on the green belt in the future.

This could prove to be disastrous for the local villages and demonstrates that the council neither value nor understand the purpose of the green belt. It would also bring into question whether the council is capable of producing an accurate LDF if they need the flexibility to change plans during the 15 year period. Even now there are proposals by developers to turn green belt land in Meopham into housing for the elderly and care home facilities. This is the same land that a few months ago the council were saying was needed for housing !! it seems they intend to develop on the green belt and by opting for one field at a time there will be less resistance.

Producing an LDF knowing that it won’t accurately reflect what happens would make a mockery of the whole process.

There are currently three facebook groups setup to fight building on the green belt.

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